Editorial Policy

Jenny Crimson: Everything piece of content that goes live happens using a process that I’ve defined for this blog. I love tech related stuff and thus the ethos of our blog is always tech even though it may not be directly related to technology. There is a lot of research, love and care that goes from figuring out events to cover, review articles and ordering of products for review. We go out of our way to make really informative and responsible content for you.

The Team

Though all of this wouldn’t have been possible without a team and so I’m lucky to have a team of four people that help me with images, product research, covering of tech events and resources I may require during a process.

I and my team look for what we think is best for most Newbies and Pros. We don’t look for the most feature-packed Tool, or the finest stuff in the market. We pick the things that will fit best into the lives of everyday people who are shopping for it—and that’s what takes work.

The Process

It all starts with a content plan that revolves around reviewing products and services, followed by covering of latest trends in tech. All these happen via SOPs which I have set for the team. The team who is equally passionate makes sure our readers get what they want. In addition to my own expertise and experience, we interview and I myself talk to many of my friends working at leading brands to bring data from the best editorial sources around.

We also employ the help of engineers, product testers, and other subject-matter experts. Since we have a heavy chunk of our readers who ask us for advice. When it comes to recommendations or reviews, we take the process seriously since its the matter of trust and responsibility without readers. 

As a crux, we begin with a subject in mind and then utilize all the resources we have to do in-depth research about it. Later if its a product review, we order it from our own money or ask a friend to give us a chance to review it. We click photos and put that gadget or software to test. That’s the only way to find it’s bending point. Only after we’re satisfied with the details is when we stop. Then I personally make sure what I am suppose to share with my audience. In goes the content followed by feedback from our fellow readers!