About Whatsontech

Whatsontech is a blog about everything that’s coming from the technology front. From MIT’s latest research on augmented reality to the latest stuff launched in Consumer Electronics Stuff. You’re going to find it all here. Whatsontech is not just limited to gadgets and latest softwares. There are plenty of informational guides, reviews of apps and any facet of the world that witnessing a shift from the viewpoint of technology, expect it to be covered here.

Our Aim

Our aim with sharing content on whatsontech is to enlighten the world about how Technology is changing the different aspects of our everyday life.

Our Story

We started whatsontech few years back in 2014 with a team of 4 techy guys. We started early on and began covering stuff like the latest mobile launches, tablets and new cameras. Back then, tablets were quite the rage and we would always be on the hunt to find the latest gizmo that’s launched. That was a reason why we got covered by brands like Oneplus, GSMarena, HTC, Techbang and Phonearena

Here, our entire team is always looking for how technology is giving a new shape on things carried out in various industries such as business, cloud and security space. What was thought as a dream a decade back is now a reality. It is always exciting to cover such stuff. Our aim to quench the thirst of our viewers and serve them quality content that’s backed by facts and credible sources.