About Jenny Crimson

jenny crimson- Founder @ whatsontech.com
jenny crimson- Founder @ whatsontech.com

Jenny is a technology enthusiast and loves to visit launch events and major tech conferences like Mobile World Congress and Consumer Electronics Show every year. She loves to code and develops apps for companies on contract basis. In her free time, she is always exploring the web and sharing how tech is changing our daily lifestyle.

What have I been doing all my life?

Ever since the beginning, I was always very curious about science and would always participate in school science exhibitions. It was in my 8th grade when I really fell in love with mobile phones and till date I am always fond of how this tiny piece of tech has revolutionised our lifestyle. 

I love travelling and writing in my free time. You will either find me browsing various big sites for the latest in tech or just travelling and playing chess. Currently the best piece of tech I have is my Oculus rift headset which is an amazing gadget. It’s also based on the brilliant concept of virtual reality and the beauty of tech is that the world has already moved a step ahead with something called AR or augmented reality where Microsoft has an AR headset called Hololens. 

My Personal Story

My passion is tech and I am happy enough to be in a position where I can pursue it. I have a team of 4 amazing nerds that helps me put together and manage this amazing tech website. Since the time I saw Steve Jobs introduced the world to the iPhone, I always wanted to have one such power where I could share all that I knew about tech and thankfully I have my brainchild whatsontech giving me that power to share!

Stay Around and you will be always in awe for what’s going on in the field of tech!