Google launches Tez payments app in India, here is everything you need to know

Google has launched new payments app called ‘Tez’ (Tez means fast in Hindi) for India, which is based on Unified Payments Interface (UPI) standard. Back In July, National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) revealed that Google had completed the testing of its UPI based payment service and was awaiting RBI’s approval to launch its payments service in the country.

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You can now pre-register for Super Mario Run on Android

Nintendo now accepts pre-registrations on Google Play Store for Super Mario Run. Nintendo has clearly announced at the time of launch that the iconic game is going to be available for Android soon. It made available for iOS already if you are curious. It seems the Android app is not too long away to see.

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Super Mario Run launched on App Store, beat Pokémon Go and Clash Royale regarding launch day revenue

Nintendo has officially launched Super Mario Run game on iOS, which was demoed during iPhone 7 launch. The epic game has got beautiful visual effects and silky smooth gameplay. Nintendo has made things easy for us by automatically running the Mario as soon as the game starts and you only have to tap the screen to jump.

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Super Mario Run coming to iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch on December 15 as free app

Nintendo had recalled my childhood days when it announced Super Mario Run app at September 2016 Keynote. Being a 90’s child, I spent most of the time playing Mario game on my so-called “Computer Video Game”, so I’m super excited to play it on my iPhone 7 Plus. The company promised to bring the app on iOS platform by the end of this year.

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WhatsApp officially announces Video Calling feature for Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms

WhatsApp, a Facebook-owned popular messaging app, has officially announced Video call feature for its Android, iOS, and Windows Phone platforms. The highly anticipated feature is now available to over 1 billion users worldwide. Some of the Android guys experienced it already by sideloading a leaked apk file, which let them try out this new feature.

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Microsoft announces Chat based web space called “Teams” to stay connected with coworkers

Microsoft has officially unveiled a new service within Office 365 called “Teams.” The Microsoft Teams is a chat based web space that lets you stay connected to your coworkers all the times. It primarily rivals Slack and Facebook’s Workplace apps.

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