Facebook’s Innovations at F8 (2016) Developer Conference Facebook’s Innovations at F8 (2016) Developer Conference
One more year passed away, and it’s the time for Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference, where the social giant demonstrates all of its innovation to... Facebook’s Innovations at F8 (2016) Developer Conference

One more year passed away, and it’s the time for Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference, where the social giant demonstrates all of its innovation to developers to make them work on their latest services. This year, the Facebook showed significant progress towards its goals, which includes the efforts in making the 360 degrees possible, expanding the messenger to various new worlds and more. Let’s jump right into full details and see what these innovations are meant for end users.

Surround 360: An open source VR camera

F8 Developer Conference

Facebook has officially unveiled a brand new “Surround 360” 3D virtual reality camera, which is designed and developed by Facebook itself. As the name suggests, it can capture the 360 surround videos at an insanely high 8K resolution for 2 hours long. The camera does have 17 synchronized cameras with 14 wide angle lenses. It also has one fish-eye lens at the top and two at the bottom to capture ultra-wide angle shots.

As we said earlier, Facebook itself developed the software for this camera to stitch all the recorded footages as a smooth 360-degree video. The effort will push the more 360 video content for the Facebook platform. Facebook claims that this is the most advanced 360-degree video camera at this moment.

Facebook’s Innovations at F8 (2016) Developer Conference

More interestingly, Facebook confirmed that they are going to make the Surround 360 camera’s design and its software open source and the developers can get the complete code on Github sometime in this summer. Facebook is also making few UI tweaks to the 360-degree video player inside the Facebook, which will give nifty suggestions to users to let them know how to play or what to do with 360 videos.

Social VR:

The Social VR is pushing the boundaries to merge social networking with virtual reality. Watch the video below.


F8 Developer Conference

The Chat Bot is pretty smart try by Facebook to extend the functionality of the messenger. The Bot API will allow developers to integrate the nifty functionalities like Weather, News, shipping information, Traffic updates and more. It will come in handy during chatting since the bot is powerful enough to read the messages and pull the related data from servers. It will show up the results in chat instantly, nothing to do from the user side. The Bot will send the user links, shows images and also provide descriptions of the items and more. It will further learn from your chats to lend more accurate results. Facebook is aiming high with the Messenger by allowing the bots into chats.

Account Kit:

F8 Developer Conference

In addition to the chat bot and surround 360, Facebook introduced a simple way to login to their favorite apps using their phone number. The Account Kit will do that for you; it will send the one-time password when you try to login with the phone number to any third party app. Users can generate 100,000 OTP per day.

Profile Expression Kit:

F8 Developer Conference

The Profile Expression Kit will allow people to use third-party apps to create funny profile videos with a just a couple of taps. Facebook is kicking off a closed beta program to test this out for the six supported apps: Boomerang by Instagram, BeautyPlus, Cinemagraph Pro by Flixel, Lollicam, MSQRD, and Vine.

Facebook AI’s face recognition in videos:

F8 Developer Conference

Facebook is building a powerful Artificial Intelligence system, which has already been taking care of multiple services on FB platform since years. However, Facebook keeps on pushing the AI development, which can now identify the faces in videos. We can say that Facebook is doing a remarkable job in pushing the AI boundaries. We will see better tag suggestions as a result.

There are a couple more small innovations demonstrated by Facebook during F8 Developer Conference 2016. Hit below source links for know more.

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