I5 Plus Bluetooth Smartband Review I5 Plus Bluetooth Smartband Review
The increasing popularity for Smartbands is leading every manufacturer to debut into the Smartband segment, where Samsung, Xiaomi, Microsoft are playing key roles to... I5 Plus Bluetooth Smartband Review

The increasing popularity of Smart brands is leading every manufacturer to debut into the Wearables segment, where Samsung, Xiaomi, Microsoft are playing key roles to push the boundaries of Smart brands but users aren’t sure about these tiny devices due to its limited functionality. However, we have a couple more small players, who are trying to deliver superior functionality at an extremely affordable price tag, the I5 Plus smart band comes under the same category. It costs around $16 and providing some basic to intermediate level functionality like Pedometer, Sleep tracker and more. Today, we are going to give the full review of impressive I5 Plus.


I5 Plus smartband review design

The I5 Plus follows the same design language what its predecessor I5 has offered. The design closely resembles with Microsoft Band. It measures at 46 x 18.7 x 7.9 mm (including the case). There is respectable sized capacitive touch display at front with a removable strip that made up of plastic but it does give a sturdy look, and an addition of the aluminum holder on strap gives a much elegant look. However, it is not as premium as the metal bands but it would be the best bargain for the price what you are paying.

The I5 Plus has come with full USB support, which will allow you to charge the device. Users don’t need any external charger, which is a nice one to have, and we cannot expect wireless charging functionality at this price point. Overall, the design is impressive, and it is entirely worth your money.


I5 Plus smartband review display

The I5 Plus offers 0.91-inch non-curved OLED touch display, which can show 32 characters at a time (large font). The display boasted by 128×64 pixels resolution that is quite average for this display size so, users can distinguish the individual pixels, but it gets the job done for you.

Outdoor visibility plays a key role in the Smartband display segment, the OLED panel of I5 Plus is bright enough to see outdoors but under direct sunlight, it could be even brighter to meet ideal display requirements.

How To Use:

The I5 Plus is also a typical Smartband so; users need to install the Zeroner application on their smartphones to control the band. It connects via Bluetooth and keeps on pair with a smartphone for over the course of days. Users have to Login/Register (requires only for the first time) to the app to pair with I5 Plus. We felt it was easier and straight forward. Some people reported on Google Play Store about the connectivity issues during the pairing, but we didn’t experience any issues. Once you done with pairing, you are ready.

The band relays on three actions– Swipe, Touch and Long press. The UI has divided into three main screens; each screen can be accessible by swiping left/right edge of the display. Users can access couple more features by tapping on the each menu, which will show more options. The first and default menu is about to show the Digital clock, which also has the date and week underneath it, just a single tap on the clock to access the date. Swiping right from an edge of the display will allow you to see the second main screen that shows sleeping tracker. The final home screen is pretty important for Sports lover, which can show Pedometer results by default but if you tap on the display, it will display the distance and burned Calories.


I5 Plus Smartband functionality

In terms of functionality, I5 Plus is offering pretty standard features like Pedometer to track footsteps, Sleep monitor, Message Push to get notifications on smart band. It also offers Distance counter and Calories burn counter to keep track your health.

The band showed reliable performance during the test period. The steps stand close to accurate, and it’s fast enough to calculate the footsteps. We had a similar experience with Distance calculator feature. We compared both features using our smartphone, and both the results are pretty close. The Message Push will allow all notifications to display right on Smartband. Unfortunately, you cannot reply to the messages right away. There is no deeper integration with the provided apps, so we cannot do anything with the notifications other than knowing that you get a notification with the sender name.

The twist to turn on the display works seamlessly. Users have to rotate their hand to light the band’s display, which will inevitably become handy most of the times. There is also a standard way to turn on the screen by swiping from right/left edge of the screen. The band comes with a sedentary reminder to let you know when you sit for longer times, it will remind you by vibrating the band. Sleep monitor can track your daily sleeping hours, and it can wake you up when you have enough sleep as well as it will also remind you that when to go to bed.

Zeroner App:

I5 Plus review Zeroner App screen

The Zeroner App will allow users to track all workouts data, and it will sort out the stored data and show in bar charts for easier analysis. Users can turn on Pedometer mode to trace the footsteps right from the application. Message Push option will provide users to choose which notifications they want to get on the band. Users can also find Upgrade option to update the firmware of the band wirelessly.

Overall, the Zeroner App provides the all basic to intermediate level functionality to control the I5 Plus. The impressive thing about the app is that everything is straight forward. Download the app from here.

IP67 Certification:

I5 Plus smartband review IP67 certification

Similar to other smart bands, the I5 Plus has come with IP67 Water resistance so users no need to worry about the wet circumstances. It will keep on reminding you about latest notifications, important calls and more even you are under water.


I5 Plus smartband review battery

The I5 Plus comes with 75 mAh Lithium-polymer battery. We have kept on using the band for longer times, but the band has given staggering battery performance. We have got around four days of battery life with around 40% juice left. The I5 Plus promised to deliver 5-7 days battery life, and we believe, it has successfully caught up with the given numbers.

Compatible OS & Devices:

I5 Plus Smartband compatiability

The I5 Plus supports iOS and Android devices which are having Bluetooth 4.0 hardware. In addition, users should run on iOS 7.0 or later such as iPhone 4S/5/6, iPod Touch 5 etc. Coming to the Android devices, the device should run on Android 4.3 Jellybean or later to successfully run the application.


I5 Plus smartband review verdict

The I5 Plus is offering pretty good functionality with excellent built quality. And it is a very good alternative to other smart bands out there for especially those who are not ready to pay hundreds of bucks for these tiny devices, like Fitbit. On the other end, the Xiaomi Mi Band comes at the same price tag but remember that Mi Band doesn’t offer any display. I5 Plus won’t disappoint you at any time when you keep in mind that you are paying just $15 bucks. We would suggest everyone to try this out.

How To Buy:

I5 Plus Smart Bracelet gearbest

The I5 Plus comes in three color options to choose like Blue, Black and Red. The Smartband priced at $36.30, but the Gearbest is offering it at 55% off, which lowered the price tag to $16.36. The product is in stock, and it will deliver within 4-10 business days (Worldwide shipping available). You can check more details by clicking the product description page.

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