YU Yureka Lollipop Vs KitKat performance difference YU Yureka Lollipop Vs KitKat performance difference
YU has officially started rolling out Android 5.0.2 Lollipop update for its Yureka smartphone. As we know that Cyanogen Inc. is providing software support... YU Yureka Lollipop Vs KitKat performance difference

YU has officially started rolling out Android 5.0.2 Lollipop update for its Yureka smartphone. As we know that Cyanogen Inc. is providing software support for Yureka device. The majority of the people already upgraded to Cyanogen OS 12 version and those haven’t got the update will get it very soon. The OTA update weighs around 677MB. In an official blog post, Cyanogen has confirmed that which features will be heading over to Yureka with this new update, but how much performance the device will show after the new update is the big question? Cyanogen is known to provide super smooth performance for its supported devices. Let’s see.

Yureka Lollipop update notification

Cyanogen OS 12 features:

The new Cyanogen OS 12 will bring a brand new Material design for Yureka owners so everything would be changed after the update, and users will have eye feasting visual treat. The apps openings will become faster now, and users are noticing the apps loading twice as fast than the previous OS because of the Android’s new ART runtime compiler.

Google has furnished lollipop with a  completely refreshed experience. The tweaked UI in every corner will give a new experience including the lock screen, which had some space in the room for growth and Google fulfilled it by displaying notifications right on your translucent lock screen. The completely overhaul transition animations will let you know where apps are opening and where it is going once you close it, which makes sense right.

Apart from the usual Lollipop goodies, Cyanogen Inc. is also offering new features like Cyanogen Mail powered by Boxer. Boxer is free for all Cyanogen OS users. It packed with Exchange support, Multiple account integration, Canned responses for faster replies and ability to select different LED tones for notifications. Users equipped with advanced settings to configure what should happen when user do swipe left or swipe right on mail. There is an addition of fresh Free and Paid themes on CM12. On paper, everything seems great and perfect but how far it connects to the things on paper we are talking about in the reality engine.

Performance differences:

We have evaluated the performance differences precisely. Lollipop has brought about a significant increase in performance on existing hardware. Moreover, the 64-bit processor deserved a 64-bit optimized software, so our hopes were high before going to put the device on tests. We started with regular testing like normal usage, and the UI flies away with your touch, no matter what you open. All the features mentioned above worked perfectly, but the games have shown “Tiny” improvement, which we don’t like since we expected a big jump in performance. However, we suspect that this is due to the 32-bit apps and most of the games failed to take advantage of the 64-bit processing power that is at the heart of Yureka. We are not saying they are dreadful, they also provided a big room for improvement. Users will have enhanced and refreshed experience while interacting with the device to fulfill day-to-day tasks. The call quality is improved a bit. Sound quality from Music app remains same.

YU Yureka Lollipop update Screenshots:

YU Yureka KitKat update Screenshots:

Benchmark performance:

We want to showcase this performance difference on paper, so we conducted multiple benchmark tests. The result is below.

BenchmarkYU Yureka Scores on KitKatYU Yureka Scores on Lollipop
Nenamark 2.455.0 59.8
GeekBench 3Single core - 625
Multicore -2197
Single Core - 675
Multicore - 2029
Chrome browser23092226

The performance difference is mostly mixed side. The AnTuTu test usually produces different scores in different tests, but the inconsistency is rather high on our tests. For the first time, we got just around 25450 scores so, we did test again and got respectable 29977 number, which is slightly less than what we got on Kitkat (30375). We can understand that it can be increased by making available more RAM usable. The Quadrant has shown a significant jump from 16436 to 19945, which is quite impressive. Nenamark 2.4 follows the same with score 59.8 that is a way higher than 55.0. GeekBench 3 again gave surprising results; the Single core performance has significantly increased from 625 to 675, but multicore performance decreased a bit as you guys shown in the chart. The Chrome browser performance remained almost same, and Metal has increased substantially from 849 to 1001. However, these benchmarks cannot reflect the real world performance but it will give you some idea of the performance difference.


In our regular tests, we did notice increased performance in all aspects. The apps are opening faster, Games playing well without any significant frame drop even on heavy games like Asphalt 8 and WWE Immortals. We did notice minor heating issues but nothing major problems we faced while playing games. We didn’t see any performance decrease with the increase in temperature while playing heavy games. Our readers asked us about random reboot issues, and we would say no as our answer. We didn’t face not even one random reboot issue in during our two day’s test period, but when we receive a call, the screen was shown blank, which is due to the issues with a proximity sensor. So, we hope Cyanogen team will fix it in next update. We suggest you to make more internal storage available to run the system smoothly. Uninstall the unusable apps immediately. Otherwise, it will run on background and obviously drain the battery a bit faster and decrease the processing power so uninstalling those kind of apps would substantially increase your system overall performance. Overall, Lollipop brings better performance noticeably but we still believe there is some room for improvement and Cyanogen will fulfill that with future updates. Find out more latest tech news here.

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Let us know your experience on YU Yureka Lollipop update. We would encourage you to drop your comments below..!!

  • priyamkamboj

    I have not revived the lollipop update ….. What should I do now ?……

    • kamal

      dont update bro

  • Mahesh Lanjewar

    Yureka lolipop update…..My observations..
    Notiication drawer is not user friendly fast….we have to scroll up notification drawer two times to close it…earlier we need to swipe up once only…
    Earlier as we click any item in notification drawer…option was there to quickly close it….that option was not in lolipop….

    The app background changed to white…which is annoying…..no option to change it to black…

    To enable data connection …again swipe down notification drawer… click on mobile data and then switch it on….earlier only clicking on mobile data activates the internet connection…..

    Boot animation is not attractive as the eariler one….

    While on call..recording option was along with the the other options… in Lolipop we have to click 3 dots and then select call record…

    Benifits…….Apps can be moved to SD card…..
    Supports Gujarati fonts…..
    Improved sound quality….
    Battery charging time shown….
    Battery saver option……
    Mahesh Lanjewar.

    • arun mishra

      Lolipop doesn’t show music effect……bt kitkat shows when headset is connected
      Lollipop show just music launch app according to me, it dosnt matter either it is on or off.
      If someone solve this problem then plz help me

  • sumit saini

    Even after upgrading to lollipop my Yureka Restarts when connected to wifi. Although wifi connectivity problem is solved. Moreover contacts view is changed. Even after setting 1st name 1st. Still the contacts are displayed by last name first, then first name. When i try to search contact that time it is showing exact. But in dialer option it is showing different. This is one of the bug that i found in lollipop update.

    Moreover when brightness is reduced to minimum then whole screen becomes black. There is no option left other than reinstalling the Lollipop. Because screen becomes black you will not be able to see anything on screen. This is the greatest disadvantage of providing lowest brightness option in lollipop update.

    • Balaji R Bismi

      Just focus above the sensor using torch.

  • Deshraj Singh

    Random reboots are frequent and mobile is getting heated a lot due to which battery is draining very heavily. Game performance is pathetic as 3d games like marvel contest of champions is lagging and creating a lot of issues in gameplay. There was no lag in kit-kat but overall lollipop is pathetic.

  • Bharat Ghuge

    Kitkat was good than lollipop in yureka mobile only but not in other android or smartphones . I faced many problem in kitkat but more in lollipop update. P/z resolve it as soon as or I can return yureka mobile

  • Ajay

    After the update it is quit smooth and i do not have any problem at all. Thanks to the update plan

  • suraj

    After updat lolipop my yureka getting heat more and performance is pathepathetic battery backup is very bad and gaming performance very pathetic..and my phone is really lag now pls give the new update and fixed those problems..

  • Rajat Trikha

    The lollipop update is pathetic it slows down the phone call log management is very pathetic moreover its not a. Userfirendly update. Ui is attractive but lacks concreteness.

  • I have a Nexus 7 on which i had got the Lolipop 5.0.2 update first which use to lag in every single use.
    And then i got the Lolipop 5.1 update that gives me a smooth Lolipop UI.
    so i recommend not to update the YU YUREKA to Lolipop 5.0.1 as it will contain a buckt full of bugs. Wait until the 5.1 update or stick to KitKat
    Those who just need to show of having Lolipop could update it. But those who use the phone for important purpose may wait for the 5.1 update

  • B. Ananda

    Most horrible update..Wish if we can only switch back to Kitkat…. All these companies takes customers for a ride. There are no stringent laws in force to sue these companies for the horrific experience, often traumatizing, they give to the customers. Really a cheap, untested and useless update from Cynogen. All the euphoria created by Cynogen mode is going down the drain after this update

  • sachin

    There is one more issue.we cannot send message from our recent call history as there are only 2_options there. Call back and call details. Another one is I have sent a message to one of my contact but in message history it is not showing his name but only no with some different country code.I hope you will resolve these issues in next release.

  • Akash Dhanagundi

    Its waste since when I get cal display sleep can’t recive. The call bledy update

    • arun kumar

      Please open the back panel cover and just tight your top screws which is on the right and left top corner of ur mobile and one more near the camera…problem solved !! :))

  • ayush kumar

    If u r facing problems of lagging then go to recovery and wipe all data and dalvic cache and then reboot, I also faced same problem but after wiping lagging problems got solved.

    I would like to tell u that wiping is going to erase all ur data so do a backup first

    If I helped then hit thanks

  • sachin khatwa

    After updating the lollipop facing the problem in delay in calling time. its take 3 to 4 second delay to call search contact and also take delay 2-3 second to connect call

    • kavin

      I am also facing same issue in yureka. delay in calling time, performance is slow.
      I am suggesting my friends not to upgrade lollipop.

  • Veerendra K Anand

    Incidentally, it’s 34071 AnTuTu Benchmark v5.7 on my device (Yureka) after updation to Lollipop 5.0.2 with Cyanogen mod 12

  • Veerendra K Anand

    And after updation, there is no rebooting & heating problems etc. There has been a thorough improvement in all the areas. Quite appreciable to the update.

  • Amit Gupta

    After updating i not able to receive incoming call screen is in sleeping mode while receiving call.

    • Abey George

      What’s an solution for that..? Pls do inform me too if u get any ..!! I’m facing d same

  • Suraj

    My phone Yu Yureka automatically restarts when incoming call is resive n after end a call what can i do for solve this problem???

  • Dhaval Rathod

    I get lolipop and after that a have receiving so many bug report

  • romesh

    i just up graded my yu to lollipop but have brought huge trouble for me
    screen goes black when receiving a call thus can not attend it
    there is constant flashing of heading ,[no sim card=no service] though i am using the phone in between.
    battery life has shortened
    phone gets very hot

  • Ajay Parashar

    I have successfully downgrade my phone from Android L to Android K.

    Android L is having lot of problems.

    • krishna reddy

      Hi please tell me how to downgrade from lolpop to kitkat

    • Ashish Tripathi

      how to downgrade yureka to kitkat please let me know

    • Ramprakash

      how to degrage your mobile

  • Divyansh Vaidya

    I am liking the lollipop update as earlier in kitkat my yureka gave me 30/31 thousand scores.
    but after the lollipop it gives me 32/33thousand scores . oneday it gave me a 35000 score ,ie. better than that of LG g3 . in ANTUTU benchmark.

  • Ravi

    How to get back to kitkat from loliipop in Yuyureka? Guide me pl

  • kunwar yashpal singh

    Those who have the problem that the screen goes black when incoming call
    Its simple to solve the problem
    Go to your phone diler and type the number
    After this your phone shows the proximity settings
    And then click on start button wait for a while
    And when the options turns in to green color
    Press the exit button
    Your problem is now fixed

  • ArcTanGentleman

    Single core performance is higher, while multicore performance is lower?

  • ramya

    i hv an update for lolipop in my device and i havent updated frm cyanogen fearing it wil have issues like mention for calls and other problems. Kindly confirm is it safe to update the software as i have lots of data and i dont want to spoil as off late my device is lagging

  • Ramprakash

    My Camera Is Not Working on Yureka lolipop update