HTC Desire 816 will get Android 5.0.2 Lollipop update in April HTC Desire 816 will get Android 5.0.2 Lollipop update in April
HTC is currently updating all its flagship devices to Android Lollipop but they also focused on popular mid-range devices like Desire 816 and Desire... HTC Desire 816 will get Android 5.0.2 Lollipop update in April

Update: HTC Desire 816 will get the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update, find out full details here.

Update: HTC UK has confirmed the Lollipop update rollout for Desire 816. You can check more details here.

HTC is currently updating all its flagship devices to Android 5.0 Lollipop, but HTC engineers also focused on favorite mid-range devices like Desire 816 and Desire 820. Here, we got a sweet news for Desire 816 owners. According to senior HTC custom ROM developer @LlabTooFeR, the owners of Desire 816 will get Android 5.0.2 Lollipop update by next month. At this time, we cannot disclose exact date but expecting in late April would be the safe bet.


The new Lollipop update will bring tons of refinements and features to your device. The regular goodies like Lockscreen notifications, ART runtime to reduce execution times by half and Material design inspiration across the whole UI are expected things. In addition to that, we will also see completely re-designed notification panel, improvements to Sense UI and material themed HTC apps and updated BlinkFeed with more services. The major bug fixes including battery improvements using Project Volta will improve device’s battery life by 20-30%. Users will have the great experience on Lollipop update.

However, we are yet to see whether the update will bring Sense 7 or not. We will update more details in coming days so Stay Tuned to WhatsOnTech and Follow us in Social Media for quick updates.

More about Sense 7: Here is our full review of HTC Sense 7 is your question, do you think, HTC will bring Sense 7 to Desire 816? Share your opinion with us by dropping a comment below..!!

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  • EnergeticLoveMachine

    I think HTC should bring Sense 7 to the Desire 816 but sadly I don’t think they will.
    The 816 is supposedly one of HTC’s best selling midrange phones so you’d hope they’d do the right thing but HTC also has a past reputation of abandoning some of their phones after a very short time.

  • wahb

    When will samsung grand prime will get lolipop version its now kitkat 4.4.4

    • WhatsOnTech

      Samsung hasn’t confirmed Lollipop update for Grand Prime yet. We will work on it. Thank you..!

  • kaustubh

    will htc desire 816 get sense 7 update

    • WhatsOnTech

      That is hard guess but i don’t think it will get Sense 7 because, HTC is trying to gain more users for One M9.

  • lolfreak

    HTC desire 816,ok,but will desire 816G get lollipop update?????

    • WhatsOnTech

      As of now, no sign of arrival.

  • Jaiswal Sandip

    Hope HTC brings Sense 7 to Desire 816….but m eagerly waiting for both lollipop n Sense 7

    • WhatsOnTech

      It would be wonder if HTC push Sense 7 for Desire 816

  • ketan

    What about 820

    • WhatsOnTech

      Very soon, you will hear the news.

  • Jekin

    When htc 816g get lollipop update??

    • Rahul Swamy Tirunagari

      I think we never get

  • Grwtogether

    I read that the Virgin mobile version of Htc 816 wont be getting any updates….does anyone know any truth to this?!

    • WhatsOnTech

      No information on this so far but every Desire 816 will get the update.

  • Alexis Henriquez

    So will the vm htc desire get lollipop 5.0.2 instead of 5.0 and 5.0.1

  • shubhang

    Will lollipop upadate consume more ram than 4.4.2?in 816 ?if yes then how much will be increase?

    • EAGLES

      It consumes less ram but uses more internal storage space because lollipop now uses new runtime called ART which optimizes app speeds but it decompresses the apk files thus taking up more space. I love it though lollipop is really good. My battery lasts longer and apps work smoother. My WiFi gets stronger signal now too which is weird.

  • yatin

    Once you know about the updation of lollipop for HTC desire 816. pls let me know at [email protected]

    • WhatsOnTech

      Hi yatin, rollout started officially. You will get update very soon. Check out our blog for more info.

      • yatin

        Dear Team,
        as on date 04-05-2015 no information about the lollipop update in HTC desire 816. One more thing I want to know my handset is heating too much so please suggest how can I improve the same..

  • i_say_uuhhh

    Will the Virgin Mobile 816 get this update? I’ve been hearing rumors that it may not. I really hope that’s not true 🙁

    • Nick Wilkes

      I saw a tweet that said we will get it on 4/16

  • M A Najeeb Kashif

    Today it’s 13 April, when HTC desire 816 going to update any idea?
    Thank you.

    • WhatsOnTech

      Hi M A Najeeb Kashif,
      We are working on it..we will post as soon as we get latest info. Stay Tuned..!

      • M A Najeeb Kashif

        Today it’s 3rd may tiIl how many day’s we have wait for lollipop update even April also went away!!!?

      • Bala Subramaniam

        Hi I hv using HTC desire816 after lollipop updates I hate my mobile,
        Mobile battery backup is not good, Google map not working, after switch off desktop folders apps again changing , screen lock , not getting back up , still so many thinks how can solve this u maimail Id is [email protected]

  • dark wizard

    htc desire 816 has already started receiving lollipop…! how long till desire 816G does??? any info???

  • purav

    25 date today when are the update 816g lolipop . I expected htc has a good ui provider i . & version are coming fastly

  • Gandhi

    I have updated my HTC desire 816 few days back with Android 5.0.2, it seems my mobile battery is getting low very fastly, and its performance of home page is very slow and apps like whatsapp, imo,facebook are getting slow… how i can fix those issues….

  • yatin

    As on date 05/05/2015 ….lollipop update is not received pls confirm on what time it will receive.

  • gagan deep

    When htc 816g get lollipop update??

    • Rahul Swamy Tirunagari

      I think we never get bcz in htc they never talk about 816g

  • Sarfraz Ansari

    update Lolly pop happening now

  • nihal

    Desire 816 got the lollipop update… sign of sense7…..all the application will get the updates in play store but few cannot be updated …says”Ur device not compatible with this version”….even after lollipop update

  • WhatsOnTech

    Every one should follow this tag and get more latest news about Desire 816

  • Rahul Swamy Tirunagari

    Please frnds if u want android up to date plzzz go with Moto devices and nexus devices.
    Don’t hope updates in HTC bcz they always say we r working on updates but they never say when they release update .
    Dn’t suggest HTC devices to any one plzz

  • fadlee labah2

    when htc 820s get lollipop?and how to update not for rooted…

  • Akshay Bhusari

    When Wil HTC desire816 Wil get update to lollipop version….

  • Akshay

    HTC Desire 816g will get lollipop update till end of June… confirm news by HTC

    • Pratik

      June 2016?

  • Kanika Kallol

    Low memory after lollypop update

    • WhatsOnTech

      Memory in the sense ??

  • miley

    Will HTC desire 816G get android update? if yes then please let me know the date.

  • miley

    If HTC 816g is rooted will it get software update notifications to 5.0 lollipop?!

  • dhaval

    when i get update in my HTC 820G phone, give me a suitable reply

  • Tejas

    When d update of htc desire 626g+ will come 2 5.0.1 lollipop

  • kashyap

    Still not get any update of HTC 816g any one have any idea when the update came ??

  • My HTC phone does not showing update to lollipop notification. I also checked it manually over wi-fi but it showing your phone is up to date. Pls tell me how to get lollipop update thanks

    • shiva dev

      I have the same problem

    • Mayur

      I also have same problem . Overall performance of phone is good but interface is normal as other old version android .

  • shiva dev

    I am trying to update my phone to lollipop version from kitkat but it says “no updates available for your phone “. Can anyone help me???!!!

  • Amit kumar yadav

    When the htc desire 820 get lollipop update.

  • puneet pal singh

    Today i received h update of htc 816 g
    When it processed . My phn swithched on after update.
    But i dont know whats new come in my phn.
    I dont know.
    I dont hve received ny thing

  • Nikhat

    htc desire 816g yaar kab a raha h iska lolipop update pak chuki hun m plz ise update kewao lolipop main

  • Sriram

    When HTC desire816h get lollipop update Plss help me