Why NVIDIA TITAN X is powerful GPU on planet ? Why NVIDIA TITAN X is powerful GPU on planet ?
NVIDIA announced its next Gen TITAN GPU during Game Developer conference 2015, which happened from March 2- March 6. NVIDIA call it "TITAN X".... Why NVIDIA TITAN X is powerful GPU on planet ?

NVIDIA announced its next Gen TITAN GPU during Game Developer Conference 2015, which happened from March 2- March 6. NVIDIA call it “TITAN X.” The NVIDIA CEO and Co-founder Jen-Hsun Huang demonstrated this new GPU and claimed it as “Powerful GPU on the planet” in GDC 2015. He also explained about TITAN X in ongoing NVIDIA’s GTC 2015 (GPU Technology Conference). Yes..we know NVIDIA make powerful GPUs but what makes the TITAN X powerful GPU on the planet. Let’s find out here.



Last year TITAN was most powerful GPU until the TITAN X debut. The new TITAN X brings great support for 4K Virtual reality gaming and Deep Learning. I would say, this is the only GPU on the planet you can find with supporting Virtual reality games at 4K resolution with high settings. These tasks need a massive amount of processing power to handle, so NVIDIA has put 3072 CUDA cores to handle this, all cores are designed based on NVIDIA’s powerful MAXWELL architecture. The last gen TITAN GPU has 2688 CUDA cores only. The each core clocked at 1000 MHz for base performance, and all can boost clock speeds up to 1075 MHz when more power required. This insane amount of processing power can deliver mind-boggling seven teraflops of peak single-precision performance using its 12GB DDR5 onboard memory. It is 4-Way SLI (Scalable Link Interface) ready. TITAN X supports memory speeds up to 7.0 GBPS and memory bandwidth at staggering 336.5GB/s; an average user cannot even imagine this speeds in reality. With the help of this massive processing power, TITAN X can show 2x performance increase over previous Gen TITAN. All these performance improvements will surprisingly require same 250 Watt power. NVIDIA was done the fabulous job in keeping the thermal output low by opting for meticulously crafted highest-grade components.

TITAN X features:

  • 3072 NVIDIA CUDA cores
  • 1075 MHz boost clock
  • 12 GB GDDR5 memory
  • 250 W TDP
  • 4-Way SLI ready

How this processing power can convert into reality:

Yes..some users may ask what we can do with this much amount of processing power. To answer it, NVIDIA has come up with faster deep learning, significantly improved 4K gaming on Virtual reality and more. I have intensely discussed it below.

Jen-Hsun Huang already demonstrated the virtual reality experience using new TITAN X, which drove everything super smooth. He demoed it by playing “Thief in the Shadows” in front of 4000 attendees during GDC 2015 with FXAA (Fast Approximate Anti-Aliasing) enabled, which ran at 40 FPS without any glitches. NVIDIA is promising that all the latest AAA titles will provide breathtaking experience in 4K on TITAN X. This is just one simple example to give a sneak peak of how powerful TITAN X is. Find more below.

Deep Learning Neural Network:


Talking more about this GPU On AlexNet, TITAN X took less than three days to train the model using 1.2 million ImageNet datasets, which usually take around 40 days to complete using a 16-core Intel Xeon processor. These two tests were done on industry standard model. Yes..the results are on par from the comparison. The TITAN X is highly optimized for who conduct research using DEEP GPU Training systems. TITAN X allows you to manage multiple pieces of training and researchers can visualize the activations.



NVIDIA has delivered DIGITS DevBox, which is world’s fastest Deskside Deep Learning Machine, built by NVIDIA’s R&D team, and it packs four TITAN X GPUs. NVIDIA said each GPU has been optimized to deliver superior performance, so this will allow scientists to focus more on research and results, but the scientists have to develop their deep neural networks to analyze the data. To help them in building their neural networks, NVIDIA is including software package and most popular deep learning frameworks like Theano, Caffe, cuDNN 2.0 and Torch. NVIDIA also including its GPU accelerated deep learning libraries. Just to mention, the company has set the price of DIGITS at $15,000.

TITAN X Price & Availability:

Users can buy TITAN X directly from NVIDIA website (Click here to buy). It has priced at $999. Due to the exclusivity, NVIDIA is only allowing 2 TITAN X GPUs each person.


In Conclusion, TITAN X is most powerful GPU ever made by NVIDIA at the writing of this article. It is the only GPU on the planet that can take 4K on virtual reality games at high settings. We will see even more powerful GPUs and even more solutions from NVIDIA to transform our lifestyle completely. I hope, you guys got something about TITAN X today, please do comment your opinion on TITAN X below in comment section. I always here to provide reply for you guys. See you with another editorial article soon.

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