What is FinFET technology ? Why it is so revolutionary ? What is FinFET technology ? Why it is so revolutionary ?
The FinFET technology is technological breakthrough in recent years. It redefined the entire chipset industry with newly implemented 3D transistors. Ok..here again, what is... What is FinFET technology ? Why it is so revolutionary ?

Hello folks, today I’m going to discuss in detail about FinFET technology. It may not be the regular word to remind everyone, but the tech geeks should have heard it and have some knowledge also. Intel and Samsung are betting billions of dollars on FinFET technology because it is power efficient and delivers superior processing power. Intel has been using FinFET technology since 2011. It had produced 22nm Ivy Bridge  processor for the first time based on this technology means FinFET isn’t the brand new technology for Chipset makers, but it did take lot of time to hit the mobile SoC industry. Yes.. mobile chipmakers are now trying to tape out the FinFET based SoCs for their high-end mobiles.

What is FinFET technology?

What is FinFET ?

The FinFET technology is a technological breakthrough in recent years. It redefined the entire chipset industry with newly implemented 3D transistors. Ok..here again, what is 3D transistor? The traditional planar transistors contain Source and Drain parts, which separated by High K-Dielectric surface. The entire power flow goes through Dielectric surface gate only. The 3D transistor drain part raised like Fin structure in FinFET transistors, so these transistors are called FinFETs. Usually, this kind of protruding parts will allow power to pass through all three parts at the same time. Also, it will allow multiple transistors to share a common gate and common contacts so the ultimate power supply consumption will significantly be reduced. Ok..this technical terminology might not understand by all the people, so I will try to put it in simple words. FinFET technology will allow chipset makers to build ultra-powerful processors, which only take a little power when compared to traditional planar transistors.


Why is it so revolutionary?

The traditional transistor takes significantly higher amount of power so the entire chipset will consume a greater amount of power because a chipset contains billions of transistors. Due to this high power consumption, the sustainability of the processor will decrease along with heat increase, which chipset makers don’t like. Talking about FinFET transistors, as we said, these will use standard drain and contacts so it takes less power and expose less heat so the processor performance won’t fall like the traditional chip. In the meantime, the processor can deliver superior returns. This is the main reason; all the chip makers are interested in FinFET technology. There is another important reason that is, FinFET transistors will take a lot less power at the stand-by time. For example, consider the Intel desktop processor, which fabricated at 22nm, assume it usually takes the 1.0V at X amount of clock speed. Compare the same configuration with FinFET technology-based processor, this new technology will only consume 0.7v means we see around 37% decrease in power at same speeds. These two key reasons are ultimately pushing all chipset makers toward this new technology.

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TSMC trails on FinFET transistors

TSMC (Taiwanese Semiconductor and Manufacturing company), one of the biggest contract chipset maker, also betting a lot of money on this technology as they have already progressed substantial improvement in its 16nm FF chipsets. These 16nm chipsets are already taped out by TSMC. To let you know, tape out is nothing but the final product before entering into the mass production stage. TSMC also made progress in 16FF+ technology, which improves System-On-Chip power efficiency at around 30% and performance around 15%. To add more, TSMC also trying to tape out 14nm FinFET transistors, which are expected to tap out in early 2015. Samsung is using same 14nm FinFET 3D technology in producing its super high-end Exynos 7420 SoC, the same processor will be going to drive the Galaxy S6 smartphone. Don’t get shocked, TSMC is doing research on 10nm FinFETs too, these chipsets will be readying to hit the mainstream market sometime in 2016.

What is FinFET technology


Ok..folks, you may have got some knowledge about what is FinFET and how it works? And Why it is so important ?. These FinFET transistors are going to drive billions of devices in coming years. We will see more processor in future using this technology, and more chip makers are trying to deploy their chips with FinFETs including Samsung, Qualcomm, Intel. Stay tuned to WhatsOnTech for more info.

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